READ THE EXHIBITOR GUIDE: be aware of where you are treading

The guide contains all technical details and standards that must be followed at Expo Center Norte, such as timetables, use of space, permitted types of advertising and promotion, as well as many other important and mandatory items, in order to avoid penalties or major complications.
If you hire an Assembler and/or Events Agency for your booth, please make sure that everyone is properly familiarized with this Guide.
Also read the SAFETY GUIDE. Prevention has always been and will continue to be the most effective way to avoid headaches or major problems.



  •  How big is your company? ?
  •  How much money do you have?
  • How is your space at the expo?

It is very important to prepare in advance within your limits, only then you can optimize your presence at the event for maximum effect!
Knowing the amount that can be invested and how to do it, without losing the identity of the company, is fundamental so that your booth does not exceed the investments or take the most of the event.


FOCUS: set your GOAL at the event

Networking? Productrelease? Increasing sales of a particular line? Meeting new suppliers? Content exposure? Whatever your objective may be, following a preset GOAL, combined with measurable targets, ensures that there are no unnecessary losses regarding either  time, money or  energy invested in APAS SHOW.

Check some examples of goals that companies define at expos – adapt them to your reality and your expectations.

  • Register business orders ;
  • Study the competition;
  •  Identify trends ;
  • Generate future sales contracts ;
  • Build a database with qualified names;

  • Finding new suppliers ;
  • Strengthen the ties with current clients Get;
  • publicity;
  • Raising interest in a new product;
  • Increase the visibility of the company within the industry.

Remember that you can have as many goals as you like, but it is crucial to set your Main Goal, which will draw your focus and efforts.


Analysis: Always keep track of your performance

Everything that is done before, during and after the event should be evaluated based on the established goals and targets. If the costs are being followed, the deadlines are kept, the objectives achieved, among others.
That way, you will be able to understand what was more efficient and/or generated greater return, and what will need to be revised for your future participation.
Numerical goals, satisfaction survey, thank-you email and follow-up after the event. These are a few ways to measure the success of your booth.


WELL DEFINED MESSAGE: focus on the image and information you want to convey

A booth with too much information ends up having the opposite effect of informing: it distracts the visitor. You need to plan a hierarchy:

What do you want everyone to notice when they first set eyes on your booth? That’s it.

One of the most recurring errors of any expo, or communication in general, is the lack of information hierarchy. WHEN YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING, NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ANYTHING.

  • Choose the main message and, if applicable, slight variations of it for different audiences.  But it’s always the same one. That’s what will draw people to your booth and by which it will be recognized; secondary messages respect this very definition, they are secondary.
  • Plan your architecture, your arts, promotion, gifts, promoters’ speech and everything around the main message.

PEOPLE: those who will be the voice of your company

Deciding who will represent the brand is critical, and the choice will depend on the message that the company wants to deliver at the event.

So, we are now back to why your company is at APAS SHOW.

Depending on the size of your booth and your investment, it is possible to train a team of promoters to reproduce exactly what you want.

However, from the smallest to the largest booth of the expo, everyone has (and they must have) representatives of the company. To coordinate, do business and even to receive guests.


They may come from sales, marketing, internal communication, and even you can be there. The choice of representatives directly matches the Goal and Message that were previously established.



Every space counts when you know how to take advantage of it.
Invest strategically in your booth and conquer your audience through your content, as well as personalized service, special actions and experiences.
In addition to thinking about the design of your booth, take advantage of sponsorship quotas to promote your space and earn a significant return.

Contact the commercial area and check out the sponsorship quotas for communication available for APAS Show: comercial@apas.com.br / +55 (11) 3647 – 5027


GIFTS: the freebie that can shape your future

At the APAS SHOW, countless companies and brands want to be remembered and there are several kinds of gifts distributed every day.
How will your gift stand out?

  • It’s not a matter of price – a quality bag draws more attention than any fancy USB stick.
  • The gift should be aligned with your goal at the expo – if your goal is to launch a product, it would be appealing if the gift carries the name of the launch, for example.
  • It is also essential that it has a connection to your brand – to offer the same gift that everyone else is offering is the same as throwing your money away.

An alternative to gift giving is investing in experience!
If possible, you can allow visitors to try out your product or service, letting them touch, see, feel, hear or taste it. And only then they receive a residual gift as a token of the experience.



Think about your target audience and the GOAL outlined for the Expo: Who are the potential people to visit your booth?

Communication PLANNING is fundamental, so that two things DO NOT happen:

  1. getting the booth too crowded so that potential business generators can not get close.
  2. creating an uninteresting space – expensive or economical – that remains empty throughout the expo.

Take advantage of your social networks and your contacts.   Call prospects, old and new customers to visit your space, and ask them to call acquaintances as well.

You can distribute printed material to commercial publications and local newspapers that will cover the event, if your target audience is less segmented. If you are a small exhibitor, gather other exhibitors of your area and create a joint promotion material.

Take advantage of the tools available to help you in this communication effort: APAS SHOW includes the Knowledge Arena, Match Making, social networks, among others. Use everything you are entitled to as much as you want!



With the Match Making you can schedule your meetings in advance.
The exclusive tool for exhibitors and visitors of APAS Show creates a special and exclusive agenda to help you organize.

Visit the website: apasshow.com.br/match-making;
Sign up and set your preferences; In a few minutes, you will receive suggestions of supermarkets with the same interest as you to do business.



During the event, you will meet supermarket owners, officers, directors and CEOs. Keep everything as planned and train your team to serve all types of visitors.



Always being prepared is a prerequisite to achieve excellent results during the trade show.
Don’t forget to bring your business card and always offer it during your exhibition.

Leave your cards at the booth as well as in your pocket and wallet. Always keep them with you and don’t miss out on future opportunities.

Choose, if possible, special cards, with cuts and custom finishes. Always keep your contact information up to date, and always check them.e.


AFTER APAS SHOW 2017: implement what happened at the event and prepare the ground

Monitoring, a follow-up of connections made in the event is necessary for several reasons: strengthening relationships, measuring the quality of the leads, and, in the case of someone who is already a customer: a sign of gratitude and respect.

The more humane the relationships with your partners the better. New or old customers and suppliers: reinforce the image conveyed at the event in their memory.
It is a good idea to send physical materials, such as mailing and souvenir gifts, or, at least, send email marketing, SMS, or make some phone calls.

And don't forget to plan ahead and ensure the best spot for your brand at APAS Show 2018. We look forward to seeing you!